Learning Dutch in 1 week? That's possible!

Richard van Egdom


Richard is a dedicated private Dutch teacher.

He teaches you how to understand, speak and communicate in Dutch in a most efficient way.

You learn to speak the Dutch you need in 5, 7 or 9 days.

Richard studied sociology, social psychology, organizational development and languages at Louvain University, he knows and understands what executive managers, diplomats, lawyers and the higher educated are concerned and talking about.

Richard is fluent in Dutch (his mother tongue), English, French and German and knows some Catalan and Polish.

He also teaches phenomenology of problem solving, learning process and moral development at school of continuing studies of Lille II university (France).

His hobbies and interests:

his job Dutch language teaching, language, learning strategies, life sciences, research on happiness and moral development, economics, hiking the Pyrenees Mountains and aikido.

Richard has been trained in language teaching according to the dialogue method by its developer Jean-Luc Godard.

Learning Dutch in 1 week? That's possible!

Richard van Egdom is an dedicated private Dutch teacher.

With Richard you learn to speak Dutch up to the 2 to 3 levels of proficiency you want or need in just 5, 7 or 9 days intensive made to measure Dutch courses. Yes, it's possible to learn Dutch that fast ! That's what our dedicated Dutch teacher claims and former students witness since years.

Learn Dutch fast: the fastest way is the natural way with dedicated private teacher, intensive one to one immersion Dutch courses.

Learn Dutch the only efficient way, a private fully tailored made to measure immersion Dutch course you'll be learning Dutch fast through natural conversation on those topics you are interested in.

You want to speak Dutch? Richards client- and theme-centered full immersion method (6 private Dutch lessons a day + 3 more hours of conversation) focuses on understanding and speaking that Dutch you need. Made to measure full immersion Dutch courses are the efficient way to learn Dutch at your pace as fast as possible.

Learning Dutch the way educated natives do (correct pronunciation, good sentence structure, the vocabulary you really need) without unnecessary stress on formal grammar (= the bear trap in language training!).

Learn Dutch to speak Dutch fast with a native private teacher.

A conversation based approach, private Dutch lessons, full immersion and one to one client-centered Dutch language course.

Learning Dutch or any foreign language, research shows, is one of the most demanding mental activities. A relaxed non-schoolish atmosphere, a pleasant 'small is beautiful' and quiet business hotel or homely setting at the countryside, a well-balanced mix between contact and withdrawal, learning and integrating Dutch, are necessary to support learning Dutch process and Dutch language acquisition.

Full made to measure intensive one to one Dutch lessons with Richard an experienced dedicated private Dutch teacher, make learning Dutch efficient and more easy. Richard emphasizes on understanding and easy speaking Dutch at your pace in the shortest possible time.

This theme-centered way to learn Dutch is efficient since conversation is on topics you are interested in, you want to communicate about in Dutch. Richard hands you the Dutch vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structures and grammar you need for daily communication while talking with you about your topics.

Learn Dutch fast with a native dedicated Dutch teacher.

Of course you can learn Dutch in 1 week. All you need is to free yourself 1 week for a full immersion Dutch course, 30 private one to one Dutch lessons, about 15 hours of extra conversation and 3 hours of rehearsal a day.

With Richard an experienced efficient native Dutch teacher familiar with those specific difficulties English speakers have,  you learn more Dutch than during a full year of twice a week classes or group teaching.

Learning with such an experienced private Dutch teacher you progress one to two levels in proficiency on the European Proficiency Scale in 5 days!

One to one intensive Dutch lessons. Full immersion Dutch courses. Emphasis on understanding en fluently speaking Dutch. Dialogue centered learning through conversation about those topics you're really interested in.

With a dedicated experienced native Dutch teacher.

You're not only learning Dutch : you learn Dutch ways of live, attitudes, ways of thinking and feeling, from inside too. You learn about Dutch habits, values, topics, our concerns and the way we are. During such an intensive private full immersion Dutch course, you, your boss, colleague, friend or partner not only learns Dutch. You learn Dutch social grammar too: our customs, habits and social rules.

With a native private Dutch teacher.

You want to be able to speak in Dutch about  your experiences, your opinions and idea's, put your questions, give your answers. As you want to understand and speak in Dutch about your interests, hobbies, concerns, you want to be more fluent and learn Dutch as fast as you can.

Dutch vocabulary, correct pronunciation and Dutch syntax get more easy to learn. Grammar, good sentences and correct pronunciation are no goals but tools allowing you to understand and speak in Dutch about what's meaningful to you. To learn Dutch at your best pace you get an intensive made to measure Dutch course, theme centered one to one Dutch lessons and conversation about topics that are your topics.

During such an one to one immersion Dutch course with Richard you learn to understand and speak Dutch fast through dialogue about things you're interested in. Your dedicated Dutch teacher is present at breaks, lunch and diner offering even more opportunities to relaxed conversation in Dutch with Richard or diner partners from local social and cultural life.